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How to Secure Instagram Account from Hackers

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how to secure instagram account
How To Secure Instagram account from Hackers

Instagram is widely used app among teens and its usage is increasing day by day, as per the stats there 1 billion Instagram users and increasing, with that much number of user there is always chances of mishappening with your Instagram account like getting your Instagram account got hacked, someone using it without your permission and many more. So in this article, we going to share some tips to secure your Instagram Account from Hackers.

So let's get started.

Tips To Make Your Instagram Account Secure 

1. Always Use Strong Password :

You should always use a strong password for your account, most people use their name, mobile number, Date of birth, pet name as a password which are easy to guess and cracked by hackers using various hacking methods. Your password should easy to remember for you and hard to guess for others, here are some tips to choose a strong password:
  • User at least one capital letter, one special character in your password.
  • Never use your name, username, mobile number as a password.
  • Choose a password that is unique and hard to guess.
Here is the tool which you can use to check your password strength, in this tool once you entered your password it will show the strength of your password and how much time a hacker will take to crack your password.

2. Do NOT Share Your Password with anyone.

You should not share your password with anyone and if you think that someone knows your password then you should change it immediately.

3. Change Your Password Periodically.

Banking systems ask us to change the password after every 60 - 90 days as a security measure, so we should follow that here as well, we suggest that you should change your password in every 3 months (90 days) for security purposes.

4. Secure email address registered with your Instagram account.

The most common way Instagram hackers use that they get access to your registered email address and after that, they reset your Instagram account and change your email address with their email address, so you get locked out of your account and there is no way you can get back, So It is important that you should secure your registered email address as well.

Learn more - How to secure email addresses from hackers.

5. Enable 2-Step verification (two factor authentication)

You know how you get OTP(One time password) before making any online transactions, just like the same Instagram has this feature called "Two-factor Authentication", where to login into your Instagram account you have to enter OTP received on your registered mobile number. 

Once activated it will save your device and if someone tries to log in to your account from another device then it will ask for OTP which will be sent to your registered mobile number, without OTP you can't log in.

Follow the below steps to Enable Two factor Authentication :

To set it up, 
  • Navigate to your profile and tap the 3 horizontal lines at the top right. 
  • Select the Settings menu and tap Security > Two-Factor Authentication > Get Started. You can then choose to set up 2FA through text message or an independent authentication app, such as Google Authenticator.

Instagram two factor authentication the tech trackers

If your phone is having connectivity issues and can't receive an SMS security code, that's where recovery codes come in. Go to Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication > Recovery Codes, and use the displayed code to log in.

For a complete and  more detailed process watch below YouTube Video :

Now you have mastered Instagram security, follow all the above-mentioned tips and secure your Instagram account from being hacked or misused. 

Share this article with your friends, family, and dear ones and help them to secure their Instagram account as well.


Alphabet Tiranga Image - Independence day alphabet images for WhatsApp DP

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Independence Day Flag Alphabet Images for DP (Font)

Happy Independence Day download all alphabet Indian flag images and change your DP on WhatsApp and Facebook and enjoy...

Before continue to Check Link And also Enjoy happy Internet Independence Day 

Alphabet Tiranga Images for WhatsApp DP:-

Tiranga alphabet a to z

A letter tiranga,indian flag in alphabet A

B letter tiranga, indian flag in alphabet B

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

Independence Day Flag Alphabet

People Cards - Google Introduces add me to search feature [Latest Update]

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 People Cards - Add me to search - The tech Trackers

Google Introduces People Cards (Add me to Search )

Hello Guys,

We are here with another latest news from tech Giant Google. for people who want to be found online more easily, on Google Search at least, you don’t really need to be a celebrity. Google has launched "People Cards", which are virtual visiting cards, that will help users pop up faster on searches.

In this Update, users can create a virtual visiting card on Search and highlight information like their Job Profile, existing website, social profiles, location, etc, and even a phone number and email address if they want - basically, anything you want others to know about you, publicly, goes on the card.

What are People Cards?

People cards are a new update launched by google in which a user can create a virtual visiting card

People Cards are meant to help people like influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, self-employed people, people looking for jobs, etc, all those who want and need to be more ‘easily discovered’. Starting today itself, users in India can create their own People Cards and can also see other people’s cards on their smartphones.

This feature is only available on Google Search on your smartphones for now and its is not available on the web. Cards are also only available in English for now, more language support will be rolled out over time.

How to create People Cards?

1. Creating a People Card is very simple. You need to be signed in to your Google account before you begin.

2. You can then search for your name on Google Search or type in - “Add me to Search”. or click on the link - Add Me to Search  Or People Cards 

3. The very first prompt you will get is to add yourself to Google Search and you can go ahead from there to creating your card. (like below)

People Cards - Add me to search - The Tech Trackers

4. Choose an image (if you want), add a description, add links to your websites and social profiles, and also a phone number and email ID (again, if you want). And that’s it. You are good to go.

Note -  Each user is allowed only one People Card and this card must be authenticated with the user’s Google account and a unique phone number. (Google )

How are these People Cards protected?

Google has put in a bunch of controls and protections in place to ensure correct and reliable information is on the cards and also to protect users from abusive and offensive content.

Each user is allowed only one People Card and this card must be authenticated with the user’s Google account and a unique phone number. Users will also have complete control of the information on their cards and can remove/delete anything at any time. You can also opt-out of the experience entirely - this will stop your card from showing up in search.

There is also a feedback button available on cards that can be used to report low-quality information or a card that might have been created by an impersonator.

I hope this article is helpful, let us know your thoughts in the comment section. and subscribe to our newsletter to never miss any update from us.

Essential Steps To Learn Digital Marketing

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In the 21st century, people prefer a digital world to perform various activities. These activities include communication, acquiring data and information, online shopping, banking, reservation, etc. It is evident that to flourish your business, you need to reach online users. Hence, along with traditional marketing, you need to learn Digital Marketing activities as well.

Digital Marketing not only helps your business, but it also helps consumers. It creates brand awareness and at the same time, consumers can easily approach the service providers.

We will discuss some essential steps required to learn Digital Marketing in this post.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO helps a website to gain respectable ranking positions in Search Engine results. You will learn how your website can drive traffic from various organic or natural SERPs. To learn Digital Marketing, you have to know about On-Page and Off-Page SEO practices, keyword research techniques, SEO-friendly web designing, Link Building, SEO site audit, Search Engine Algorithms, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms have earned huge popularity in today’s tech world. You can use this platform for online branding. You can integrate your web content with various Social Media Channels. You have to learn how to choose a Social Media Channel to promote your business and various other techniques to create posts, comments and messages.

Content Marketing 

To drive new audiences and to retain your existing audiences, create appropriate contents. In a Content Marketing lesson, you will learn about blogs, articles, journals, podcasts, etc. You will know the essential techniques to engage online visitors and customers. Below there is an image which depicts the structure of a curriculum. 

Email Marketing

Various companies send Emails to promote their products. But, Emails are also sent for business deals and accounting purposes. There are various Email Marketing tools which will help you to construct Emails. When you will learn Digital Marketing, you will know the uses of Email Marketing Channels like Email Newsletter, Dedicated Emails, Digests, Sponsorship Emails and Transactional Emails. 

Mobile Marketing

Before starting any Mobile Marketing activity, keep in mind that your website must be responsive. It must fit into the screen of any mobile or smartphone. You have to learn the ways to identify target customers and the process to advertise your products. Therefore, a mobile marketing tutorial must cover SMS Messaging, Location-based services, 2D Barcodes, GPS Messaging, etc.

PPC Marketing 

Here, you will learn the processes to take part in the biddings of popular keywords. Also, you will know how to publish ads in Google Search Engine. The users need to pay, if anyone clicks on his ad.

Almost all Digital marketing courses will teach the above-mentioned lessons. If you wish to learn Digital Marketing, follow these lessons to get the desired output. You can’t learn advanced courses without studying these lessons.

[Solved 2020] “Table Prefix” must not be empty - WordPress Error

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Table Prefix” must not be empty

Hello Guys, you are here because you were installing WordPress via clean install method and on the 2nd step of the installation, you found an error that “Table Prefix” must not be empty”.

This is Rahul from The Tech Trackers and I encountered same error while installing WordPress for my client and I googled so much but didn’t find any solution to above problem. So, I rolled up my sleeves and dive deep into it and now we got the solution to the above error. I would like to share that solution with you guys.

So, read and follow below mentioned steps and if you have any questions and queries let me know in the comments section below.

You must have received above error while filling your database details.

Table Prefix” must not be empty.

In a normal case when you fill database details in the above form and hit submit then WordPress fill those details in wp-config.php file but, here we are getting an error so now we going to do this process manually. For that after getting “Table Prefix” must not be empty Error you have to open c-panel and locate wp-config-sample.php file. 

Open the sample file in an editor and edit database details (database name, username and password) manually and hit save.

Table Prefix” must not be empty
Then close sample file and rename it to wp-config.php

Once done with the rename process again go to the WordPress install screen.

Table Prefix” must not be empty

This time, once you select language, then WordPress will redirect you to welcome screen.

Where you have to fill details like site title, username and password for WordPress etc. and hit install here after clicking on install button you will get below error “Please Provide valid username” and keep coming if you choose any username.

Now, we have to skip this step as well to do that, again we have to go to C-panel and locate install.php file under wp-admin folder, Open install.php file and search for your error “Please provide a valid username” and then you will see sections like below image.

Here we have to change $error = true; to $error = false; (This will disable validation for username field on above screen)

Now, again head toward welcome screen and hit install. This will install WordPress without any user it will look something like below image.

As you can see WordPress installed on your domain, but you can’t login because there is no user created so now you have to create a user from PhpMyAdmin and assign him administrator rights.

To do that, you have to Access PhpMyAdmin from your cpanel. In PhpMyAdmin locate your database in my case, it’s “testblog2

After choosing database, click on “wp_users” there you will see an empty table like below:
Here you have to create a new user by clicking on the insert button on top ribbon as below:

After clicking on insert button you will get below fields, where you have to fill details of users like username, password, email id etc. Leave id field blank because it will get generated automatically. And while entering a password change value of a function to MD5 .

Now you have created a user via PhpMyAdmin now you can login via above details but you can’t access the dashboard for that you have to assign administrator rights to created user. 

To check your user rights head to the “wp-usermeta” table in your database. This is the table where all Meta information of user gets stored. We have to modify this table to give admin rights to created user.

To simplify this process I have created an SQL file which you have import in your database but before that you have delete above “wp-usermeta” table by going into operations section.

Now you have to download this SQL from here and open in any editor and search for “database name” and change the database name to your database name in my case it’s “testblog2” and save it.

Next step is, go to your database in PhpMyAdmin and click on import, where you have to select a downloaded SQL file and hit go. It will automatically run queries and assign administrator rights to our user.

Now try logging in, this time you will be successfully redirected to the WordPress dashboard.

That’s it! You have successfully installed WordPress by skipping  “Table Prefix” must not be empty error.

If you like this article then share your thoughts in the comment section. I would love to hear from you guys.

Thank You.

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