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How Send WhatsApp Message To Unsaved Number - WhatsApp Trick

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Send WhatsApp Message To Unsaved Number

Today, we will tell you a trick through which you will be able to send messages to anyone on WhatsApp without saving their number in your contact list.

We know that if you want to send a message to someone on WhatsApp, then first you need to save the number in your contact list. So here in this article, we will share a trick where you can send a message to anyone on WhatsApp without saving their number.

Steps to send WhatsApp messages to unsaved numbers:

This method is tried and tested method which works for both Android and iOS. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps on any browser and you're good to go.

Step 1 :- Open your phone browser. Now copy and paste this link - in the address bar.

Step 2 :-  Now in place of 'XXXX' enter the phone number along with the country code, whom you want to send a message. for ex. my number is 1234567890 and my country code is +91 so my URL will be here first two digits (+91) are the country code of India and '1234567980' is the person's contact number.

Step 3 :- Once you have typed the above link with a number then tap enter to open the link.

Next, you'll see a WhatsApp webpage with the recipient's phone number and a green Message button. Tap the green message button and you'll be redirected to WhatsApp.

That's it, you can now WhatsApp people without adding a contact.

How's it? Let us know in the comment section.

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How to download High Resolution Images from Google Maps

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How to download High-Resolution Images from Google Maps

Everyone knows how to download images or pictures from the google image search. But have you ever try to download a picture from the Google Map.

People and traveler who visits various places, upload their high-quality images on google map and here you can't download those beautiful pictures without using some trick.

Google does not give you a direct option to save just like you do normally by right-clicking on any image on the internet.

Here on all Images, google gives us a footnote saying that those images are subject to copyright.

Still, you want to download those images then here we are going to share one secret trick with you to download High-Resolution Images from Google Maps.

1. Visit Google Map In Browser :

How to download High-Resolution Images from Google Maps
Visit on your browser.

2. Search for the place 

How to download High-Resolution Images from Google Maps

Search for the place of your choice.

3. Select Image from Map

How to download High-Resolution Images from Google Maps

Select the image you want to download.

4. Open Image

How to download High Resolution Images from Google Maps

Click on the image which you want to download in high resolution.

5. Here is the Trick

How to download High Resolution Images from Google Maps

Now our trick is to click on 3 dots beside the name of the user who uploaded that image (as shown in the below image) and you will see 3 options.

How to download High Resolution Images from Google Maps

Click on "report a problem".

6. Image is ready to Download.

How to download High Resolution Images from Google Maps

Once you click on "Report a Problem ", this will open a new page where you will see the image with some options(as shown in the above image), and here on this page if you right-click on the image you will see the option to save the image.

That's it...

Share this tip with everyone and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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YouTube is Testing New Design Changes - YouTube Update 2021

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YouTube Testing Design 2021

We know that nowadays youtube is releasing so many new updates like YouTube Shorts, Youtube Tax Update, Copyright Check, and many more.

Now youtube is testing a new design update where the design and sequence of subscribe button and comment section and video description are change. 

See the below images for a better understanding.

Old YouTube UI

YouTube Update 2021

YouTube New UI

YouTube New UI Update

Currently, this update is not rolled out for all users or browsers, I am seeing this update on my channel "The Tech Trackers" If you are getting this update on your browser do let us know in the comment section.

My thoughts on this new update as follows:

I didn't like this new update because in the old version there subscribe button was on the right side here it's on the left side.

From a conversion point of view, The standard location for a CTA is on the right-hand side of the page above the fold. It has been proven that CTAs on the right side of the page receive more clicks than those on the left.

So here YouTube Put subscribe on the left side which might reduce the subscriber rate for creators.

The second thing I didn't like about this update is here, the Video Description section which was beside the subscribe button, here it is now above the subscribe and comment section, and that too not visible properly. 

Also here, if you click on to see more links in the description section your whole subscribe and comment bar goes down, far down from users reach which means this will again hamper your subscription rate.

YouTube Update 2021

The above points are my personal opinion, Youtube might be fixed this or change UI but that totally up to YouTube.

Now what you can do is check the above screenshot of both designs and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Google Ads Image Extensions - Google ads New Update 2021

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Google Ads Image Extension

Hello Folks,

Google's Most Awaited Image Extension update is now live! 

Google Ads has begun offering image extensions to some accounts. This new extension displays a small image next to your text ad on the search engine results page (SERP).

What is Google Image Extension in Google Ads?

Image extension is a new ad extension in google ads, as shown in the above image the Google ads image extension shows a small photo next to a text ad on SERP.

Initially, it was available only to select advertisers but now Google is making it globally available to all advertisers, if you didn't see an image extension in your account we suggest that have some patience and it will appear eventually or contact google ads support.

Image extensions are exclusively for Mobile Devices.

Google Ads Image Extension

How to use Google Ads Image Extension?

Follow the below steps to add Image Extension to your google ads campaign.

  • Start at the “All Campaigns” view in your account
  • Select the Ads and Extensions tab 
  • Toggle to Extensions, and click the blue plus button to add a new extension
  • Click on the Image Extension option 
  • This will bring up a new screen
  • Under the “Add to” dropdown, select either Campaign or Ad Group
  • Then click the blue link to select specific campaigns or ad groups
  • In the popup box, select each campaign or ad group you want to add the image extension(s) to
  • Click Done.

Once you’ve selected all the ad groups or campaigns you want to include, you’ll need to upload your images. Click the blue plus button in the Images box, go to the Upload tab, and choose the file(s) you want to display next to your ad. 

Google Ads Image Extension

If you don’t have image files ready to upload, you can enter your website’s URL and Google will scan your site for images that meet their requirements. 

Like other ad extensions, your image extensions will have to be approved by Google once they’re saved. After they’re approved, the images will begin to show up next to your ads on the mobile SERP.

What Are The Image Requirements?

In this image extension, you can use both square and landscape images. 

For Landscape Image - Image must have a 1.91:1 ratio with a recommended size of 1200 × 628. The minimum size Google will accept is 600 × 314.

For Square Image - Image Ratio Should be (1:1), Recommended Size is 1200 X 1200, Minimum Size google accepts is 300 X 300.

And note that image size should not exceed 5120 KB.

Apart from the above requirements, some guidelines need to follow for image quality.

Your image should be clear without any logo, overlay text, blurry content and poorly cropped images for more information check this link -

This feature was in beta until May of 2021, but now every Google Ads account is eligible to use these extensions. so if your account has this extension enabled, We recommend implementing image extensions as soon as possible, to give your ad an engaging visual and help it stand out on the SERP.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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Instagram Introducing Native Affiliate Tool for Creators

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Instagram Native Affiliate Tool

Hi Folk,

Yesterday, at creator week Instagram announced New ways for creators to make a living.

Creators have always used Instagram to share products they love, and people trust their favorite accounts for inspiration and new products. Now only selected creators can tag products from the brands they work with or use Shops if they have their product line.

Instagram aims to give more creators access to their shopping tools and allow them to get rewarded for any purchase they drive.

So, in the coming months, Instagram will begin testing a new "Native Affiliate Tool" which will allow the creator to discover new products available on checkout, share them with their followers and earn commissions for the purchases they drive — all within the Instagram app.

Instagram Affiliate Tool

When people come across an affiliate post from a creator featuring a tagged product, they will see “eligible for commission” at the top of the post, so it’s clear that their purchases help support that creator.

This update will make it easy for people to directly shop from the creators or brand they follow and all this from the Instagram app itself.

Currently, this Instagram Affiliate Tool will be available for a small group of US-Based Creator and Businesses and will expand for more partners in the future.

Stay Tuned for more updates.

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Are Instagram traders legit? How to Know if Instagram traders real or fake

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 Are Instagram Traders Legit

Hi Folks,

nowadays the number of financial frauds on Instagram is increasing, after releasing our Instagram scam video "Exposed Instagram scam 2021" , we have received lots of comments and emails from victims of various frauds on Instagram.

We have gone through 100 Scammers' accounts on Instagram in the search of any similar pattern or process they use to scam people.

After all that research, we have come with an Exclusive list or guide to identify scammer or fraud accounts on Instagram.

Follow the below guide to Identify if those Instagram traders are legit or not?

1. DEMAT Account is Must:

If you want to invest trading account or want to buy stocks online there is no option to Demat Account, To do the trading you need to have your Demat Account. Without a Demat Account, you can't do the trading.

Here those scammers or fraudsters come and tell you that you don't need a trading account to the trading, you just give me your money and we will trade on behalf of you and will share the profit with you. This is SCAM! 

First, they took your money, and then boom they blocked you or disappears and you can't do anything about that.

Lesson No. 1 - Demat Account is Must for Trading.

If you want to create a Demat account there then there is the most trusted app in the market is Upstox

Note - To trade in crypto-currency also need to create an account on crypto-exchanges.

2. Beware from Unrealistic Offer - There is no Easy Money

Here scammers or fraudsters lure customers with some unrealistic and mind-boggling offers like getting 300% Profit in 1 hour or Invest 1000 and 10000 in returns.

Let me clear one thing there is no such thing as easy money so people should beware of such faker offers and do research before investing.

3. Disabled or Removed Comments:

Almost all scammers and Fake Trading Accounts has comment turned off or disabled on their posts so that victim is not able to comment on their post about their experience.

4. Fake Social Proof or Testimonial :

These scammers or Fake Traders create fake social messages or testimonials for their accounts to create trust in minds of viewers.

5. Fake Registration Certificate :

Some scammers post their Fake company registration certificate & GST certificate to fool people. 

Every Trader or Banker Should be registered under SEBI(Securities exchange board of India)

How to check if that agent or trader who is approaching you is registered with SEBI or not, simply ask for his registration name or number and Search on below link :

If you found data that means he is a registered trader then you can trust him and anything bad happens then you can complain to SEBI.

So this is how you can determine whether those Instagram traders legit or not.

If you found this article helpful do share it with your friends and family and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Also, read the below articles:

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[Full Guide] What To Do When You Get Scammed Online India

Thank You,

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Call history in Google My Business

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Call history in Google My Business

Hi Folks,

Today we are here to let you know about the new experimental feature of Google My Business "Call History".

How to automate Social Media Sharing of YouTube Video

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Automate Social Media Sharing

Automate your social media sharing with the best social media automation tool IFTTT. Explore How you can automate your YouTube Video sharing with this Tool.

Domino's India suffers data breach, Details of 18 crore users are now public and on sale

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Dominos Data Breach 2021

Hi Friends,

After Air India, now India's most popular pizza delivery chain Domino's India has suffered a massive data breach with sensitive information, including mobile number, delivery address with GPS location, of around 18 crore users which are now pubicly available on the dark web.

Link to Domino Data Search Engine.

Domino Data Search Engine

That Hacker created a search engine on the dark web, If you ever ordered from dominos India online, it means your data might be leaked online. This data includes your name, registered mobile number along with order details, like Total orders placed, Total amount spent on Dominos, with that order delivery address along with a GPS location (latitude and longitude).

Dominos Data Breach

This is dangerous, anyone can use this database to spy on people. Anybody can easily search using a mobile number or email address and they will get that person's past delivery locations with date and time. which is a threat to user privacy.

Thank god for domino's privacy policy where they don't store financial information and credit card details thus no such information has been compromised.

Dominos team said that "our team of experts is investigating the matter and we have taken necessary actions to contain the incident".

As I say "Privacy is a Myth" so it's in our hands to secure our accounts online. Kindly go through the below articles :

1. How to secure your Gmail Account 

2. How to secure your Instagram Account

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[Full Guide] What to do when you get scammed online India

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What to do when you get scammed online in india

Hi Friends,

in the last article, we have exposed an online trading scam on Instagram, where we have learned how those scammers do the scam via Instagram and various social media platforms.

So, here in this article, we will see what steps you should perform if you have been scammed, Yes here is the full guide on "what to do when you get scammed online in India".

First of all, let's clear one thing anyone can be scammed those scammers use various social engineering and other methods to lure victims to their scam. So we must stay alert and beware of such unbelievable or mind-boggling offers like "you have won the lottery of $500000 in a lucky draw, just pay XXXX amount and get reward credited to your account".

What to do when you get scammed online:

We have personally dealt with many victims of online scams or fraud, people think that people will laugh at them that they got scammed and everything, I have seen people committing suicide after getting scammed. so our suggestion is the first concern with your elders or someone who can understand you. Explain the whole scenario to them clear your mind and then think about what you should do next.

The first thing you should do after you got scammed online is that contact your bank to seal or freeze your account which will prevent any more loss.

After that report that crime to the cyber crime department, in India if you got scammed then you should file an online complaint on the cyber security portal

Cyber Crime Portal

While filing a complaint online you have to submit all details like your personal details, address, your bank account number, and other details with proof of you got scammed like any transaction receipt or UPI details, etc.

Cyber Crime Portal Details

Once you submit an online complaint cyber crime department will take a look into it and after 4-5 days they will transfer your complaint to your nearest police station and they will take action against that scammer or fraudster.

Still in the meanwhile, we suggest that you should visit your local police station and filed a complaint about your scam or fraud.

Also, you should report that scammer account, from which you got scammed to that particular social media platform, every platform has that option to report a particular user or account for spam or fraud activity. 

How to report Account on IG

once you reported that account that particular social media platform will take strict action against that user or account.

And the main thing is don't hide or ignore such scams be brave and spread awareness about that scam with everyone so what happened to you will not happen with anyone in the future.

With the same above motive, we have created video series on the below points Kindly go through the below videos and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

1. [EXPOSED] Instagram Online Trading Scam 2021 - Lost Rs.20,000 In a Day 

2. How To Identify Fake Traders/Scammers on Instagram - Instagram traders real or fake

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