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[EXPOSED] Instagram Online Bitcoin Trading Scam 2021 - Lost Rs.20,000



Exposed Instagram Trading Scam

Hi Friends,

Welcome to The Tech Trackers, From the last few months, there are lot of scams happening on Instagram. 

So here in this article, we will expose one most trending scam that is "Bitcoin Trading Scam"

Exposing Instagram Trading Scam :

Last week I got a call from my friend saying "he has been Scammed".

Here is the full story.

Firstly My friend got a message from some traders on Instagram that we invest in bitcoin and US trade with 100% return on your invested money in 20 minutes.

Instagram Trading Scam
Sounds fishy, right??

Yes, a rational person will not fall for this offer, so they have come up with a new technique where first they gain your trust and then break it. 

How?? Let's see.

With the above message, they send the below plans, where they have mentioned that how much will you get in return on your investment.

Instagram Trading Scam

As per the above image, if you invest Rs.1000/- after 20 minutes you will get Rs.1250/- and so on...

Here, my friend send Rs.1000/- to his account via UPI(as shown below)

Exposed instagram Trading Scam

And after 20 min. as promised he received Rs.1250/- in return as promised.

Here customer believes that this trader is legit and helps me earn more by investing in bitcoins and the market.

But the main game start after this. after first trading they create trust and greed in minds of the customer and throw the next offer that if they invest Rs.10,200/- you will get Rs.23,800/- in return.

People think that the last time when I invested I got my money back with profit so now I can trust this trader and let's go for this offer and let's make some extra money(My friend thought the same thing.)

My friend fall for this offer and sent Rs.10,000/- to invest and after receiving the money trader asks him to wait for some time and we will invest your money in trade.

And after 10 minutes got a message from a trader that Hi, our trade is going down, and to boost our trade you need to invest more 10K and you will get 38K in return and if you stop now you will lose the previous 10K also as our trade is going in loss and they send some fake graph screenshot.

Exposed Instagram Trading Scam

Here some people send more 10K to save ourselves from loss same my friend did and sent 10K to him...

Now after receiving 10K trader sent a message saying that thank you our trade is going up now wait for 20 min. and we will transfer your profit to your bank account.

My friend waited for 20 min and when he message trader for asking about the update, he found that his message is not going through, he tried calling Video call, again same. He tried calling the phone number he shared. That number is now switched off. 

And at this moment he knew that he's been scammed.

All this above happened in less than 1 hour and in that one hour my friend lost Rs.20K

So, this is how those scammers lure people with various offers. so beware of such scammers.

In the next article, we will see what you should do if you have been scammed.

So stay tuned for the next article and share this article with your friends and family to aware of these scams.

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Stay Home, Stay Safe.


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