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[Full Guide] What to do when you get scammed online India



What to do when you get scammed online in india

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in the last article, we have exposed an online trading scam on Instagram, where we have learned how those scammers do the scam via Instagram and various social media platforms.

So, here in this article, we will see what steps you should perform if you have been scammed, Yes here is the full guide on "what to do when you get scammed online in India".

First of all, let's clear one thing anyone can be scammed those scammers use various social engineering and other methods to lure victims to their scam. So we must stay alert and beware of such unbelievable or mind-boggling offers like "you have won the lottery of $500000 in a lucky draw, just pay XXXX amount and get reward credited to your account".

What to do when you get scammed online:

We have personally dealt with many victims of online scams or fraud, people think that people will laugh at them that they got scammed and everything, I have seen people committing suicide after getting scammed. so our suggestion is the first concern with your elders or someone who can understand you. Explain the whole scenario to them clear your mind and then think about what you should do next.

The first thing you should do after you got scammed online is that contact your bank to seal or freeze your account which will prevent any more loss.

After that report that crime to the cyber crime department, in India if you got scammed then you should file an online complaint on the cyber security portal https://cybercrime.gov.in/

Cyber Crime Portal

While filing a complaint online you have to submit all details like your personal details, address, your bank account number, and other details with proof of you got scammed like any transaction receipt or UPI details, etc.

Cyber Crime Portal Details

Once you submit an online complaint cyber crime department will take a look into it and after 4-5 days they will transfer your complaint to your nearest police station and they will take action against that scammer or fraudster.

Still in the meanwhile, we suggest that you should visit your local police station and filed a complaint about your scam or fraud.

Also, you should report that scammer account, from which you got scammed to that particular social media platform, every platform has that option to report a particular user or account for spam or fraud activity. 

How to report Account on IG

once you reported that account that particular social media platform will take strict action against that user or account.

And the main thing is don't hide or ignore such scams be brave and spread awareness about that scam with everyone so what happened to you will not happen with anyone in the future.

With the same above motive, we have created video series on the below points Kindly go through the below videos and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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