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Google Ads Image Extensions - Google ads New Update 2021



Google Ads Image Extension

Hello Folks,

Google's Most Awaited Image Extension update is now live! 

Google Ads has begun offering image extensions to some accounts. This new extension displays a small image next to your text ad on the search engine results page (SERP).

What is Google Image Extension in Google Ads?

Image extension is a new ad extension in google ads, as shown in the above image the Google ads image extension shows a small photo next to a text ad on SERP.

Initially, it was available only to select advertisers but now Google is making it globally available to all advertisers, if you didn't see an image extension in your account we suggest that have some patience and it will appear eventually or contact google ads support.

Image extensions are exclusively for Mobile Devices.

Google Ads Image Extension

How to use Google Ads Image Extension?

Follow the below steps to add Image Extension to your google ads campaign.

  • Start at the “All Campaigns” view in your account
  • Select the Ads and Extensions tab 
  • Toggle to Extensions, and click the blue plus button to add a new extension
  • Click on the Image Extension option 
  • This will bring up a new screen
  • Under the “Add to” dropdown, select either Campaign or Ad Group
  • Then click the blue link to select specific campaigns or ad groups
  • In the popup box, select each campaign or ad group you want to add the image extension(s) to
  • Click Done.

Once you’ve selected all the ad groups or campaigns you want to include, you’ll need to upload your images. Click the blue plus button in the Images box, go to the Upload tab, and choose the file(s) you want to display next to your ad. 

Google Ads Image Extension

If you don’t have image files ready to upload, you can enter your website’s URL and Google will scan your site for images that meet their requirements. 

Like other ad extensions, your image extensions will have to be approved by Google once they’re saved. After they’re approved, the images will begin to show up next to your ads on the mobile SERP.

What Are The Image Requirements?

In this image extension, you can use both square and landscape images. 

For Landscape Image - Image must have a 1.91:1 ratio with a recommended size of 1200 × 628. The minimum size Google will accept is 600 × 314.

For Square Image - Image Ratio Should be (1:1), Recommended Size is 1200 X 1200, Minimum Size google accepts is 300 X 300.

And note that image size should not exceed 5120 KB.

Apart from the above requirements, some guidelines need to follow for image quality.

Your image should be clear without any logo, overlay text, blurry content and poorly cropped images for more information check this link -

This feature was in beta until May of 2021, but now every Google Ads account is eligible to use these extensions. so if your account has this extension enabled, We recommend implementing image extensions as soon as possible, to give your ad an engaging visual and help it stand out on the SERP.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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