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Domino's India suffers data breach, Details of 18 crore users are now public and on sale



Dominos Data Breach 2021

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After Air India, now India's most popular pizza delivery chain Domino's India has suffered a massive data breach with sensitive information, including mobile number, delivery address with GPS location, of around 18 crore users which are now pubicly available on the dark web.

Link to Domino Data Search Engine.

Domino Data Search Engine

That Hacker created a search engine on the dark web, If you ever ordered from dominos India online, it means your data might be leaked online. This data includes your name, registered mobile number along with order details, like Total orders placed, Total amount spent on Dominos, with that order delivery address along with a GPS location (latitude and longitude).

Dominos Data Breach

This is dangerous, anyone can use this database to spy on people. Anybody can easily search using a mobile number or email address and they will get that person's past delivery locations with date and time. which is a threat to user privacy.

Thank god for domino's privacy policy where they don't store financial information and credit card details thus no such information has been compromised.

Dominos team said that "our team of experts is investigating the matter and we have taken necessary actions to contain the incident".

As I say "Privacy is a Myth" so it's in our hands to secure our accounts online. Kindly go through the below articles :

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