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Root Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562
    you are here because you want to root your samsung galaxy s duos so be here i am gonna how to do it.I also have same phone and i want to root so google it And found so many method but that are to complicated and hard to perform(Risky).
   So i search more i found one app that root your phone in less than 3 Minutes and just by one click called as KingoApp.

What is KingoApp?

kingoApp is one click Rooting Software that help us root your phone by just one click .

How To Use It?

1.Go to Device section of KingoApp.
2.Then check if your device listed or not.
3.Then Download App on your PC follow instruction .
4.Its Done So simple .

There is not only one site you can search more sites like kingoApp.
I am telling you about this i Tried This app and its works good for me i rooted my phone enjoying..

Thank You 
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How Instagram Started

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How Instagram Started

hi guys today i am going to share with you secret About Making Of Instagram. In this Image you will know all secret for more info 

See below Image :

How Instagram Started -The Tech Trackers

What’s Inside This Bead At End Of Your Laptop Charger? Mystery Solved!

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What’s Inside This Bead At End Of Your Laptop Charger

We all have a basic idea about the purpose of each wire going in and out of our computer. But a few wires seem a bit off when it comes to their appearance. They have a cylindrical bead dangling near the end. So what’s this bead doing on that wire and what purpose does it serve? Today, we are going to unravel this mystery for you.

If you open this bead, you will not find any complex circuits but only a ferrite cylinder that is magnetic in nature. It is this magnetic quality of the bead that serves the purpose.
So basically, when current passes through any cable, it generates electromagnetic interference (EMI). Your electronic gadgets also produce EMI during operation. For example, if you connect a camera to your monitor, the camera would produce intereference and cause your monitor to flicker without the presence of a ferrite bead. If left unabated, EMI can wreck havoc with your computer peripherals.

These ferrite chokes ensure that signals are only sent in the intended directions and no EMI is transmitted between the peripherals. The choke dampens these EMI waves by acting as an EMI blocker. The blocking is most effective when it is near the source of the EMI, thats why you will only find these ferrite beads near the end of the cables. So, this little mystery is now solved! These tiny cyst-like beads make sure that our computer peripherals work properly and don’t cause any issues for the computer itself.
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How BitTorrent Works?

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how torrent works

How Torrent Works

When you download file,your computer connect to web server and the downloads file to your computer directly from that server.Each computer that download data downloads it from web server following diagram show how its exactly works:

BitTorrent is peer-to-peer Networks protocol , which means that there is no need of web server computers share files with other computer like below diagram :

How Torrent Works

To know how how exactly how torrent works then watch following video that show you how torrent works in funny manner watch and share this with your friends :

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