What’s Inside This Bead At End Of Your Laptop Charger? Mystery Solved!

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What’s Inside This Bead At End Of Your Laptop Charger

We all have a basic idea about the purpose of each wire going in and out of our computer. But a few wires seem a bit off when it comes to their appearance. They have a cylindrical bead dangling near the end. So what’s this bead doing on that wire and what purpose does it serve? Today, we are going to unravel this mystery for you.

If you open this bead, you will not find any complex circuits but only a ferrite cylinder that is magnetic in nature. It is this magnetic quality of the bead that serves the purpose.
So basically, when current passes through any cable, it generates electromagnetic interference (EMI). Your electronic gadgets also produce EMI during operation. For example, if you connect a camera to your monitor, the camera would produce intereference and cause your monitor to flicker without the presence of a ferrite bead. If left unabated, EMI can wreck havoc with your computer peripherals.

These ferrite chokes ensure that signals are only sent in the intended directions and no EMI is transmitted between the peripherals. The choke dampens these EMI waves by acting as an EMI blocker. The blocking is most effective when it is near the source of the EMI, thats why you will only find these ferrite beads near the end of the cables. So, this little mystery is now solved! These tiny cyst-like beads make sure that our computer peripherals work properly and don’t cause any issues for the computer itself.
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How BitTorrent Works?

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how torrent works

How Torrent Works

When you download file,your computer connect to web server and the downloads file to your computer directly from that server.Each computer that download data downloads it from web server following diagram show how its exactly works:

BitTorrent is peer-to-peer Networks protocol , which means that there is no need of web server computers share files with other computer like below diagram :

How Torrent Works

To know how how exactly how torrent works then watch following video that show you how torrent works in funny manner watch and share this with your friends :

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tshirtOS :: The world's first programmable t-shirt

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T-ShirtOS :The world's first programmable t-shirt

Hi Guys,
          Last Week one Idea Strike in my mind when i bought my favorite Bruce lee T-shirt ,how awesome will be If we can digitally show image on T shirts as per our emotion , feeling ,then i do research and at end i found some awesome that i want to share with you .

T-Shirt OS

tshirtOS is the world's first wearable, sharable ,programmable  t-shirts. This is worlds first personal ,innovated by Ballantine's and CuteCircuit. A working Digital t-shirts that can be programmed by an iOS app to do whatever you can think of.

For more Details Visit :- http://www.tshirtos.com/

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Secure Emails From Hackers

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secure email from hackers
secure email from hackers
       Friends today i am going to share with you how you can secure email account from hackers. I hope you heard the news that pops over last week that one Russian Hackers hacked 4.93 million gmail password and leak that data it on internet
so from that i want to share this old tricks That provide by all Email Services but unknown from most of the user that service is called As 2-Step Verification .if you enable this service on your email then when you login in to email before you get access your mailbox there is one Computer generated code has been transfered to number that you registred with 2-step verification service then you have to enter that code to access your mail box if you dont have that code then no one can access you email accounts and your email become secure.

How To Activate This Service on G-Mail :-

1.First login to G-mail accounts
2. Simply Follow This link here to activate this service.
3.click on get started 
4.then click on start Setup
5.it will ask for your password again enter it and hit sign in
6.now enter the mobile number on which you want to receive code.
7.then click on send code 
8.now you received code now enter that code in to field 
9.Now click on verify.
10. Uncheck the box and hit Next 
11. confirm And Done Enjoy
Now Your G-mail Account is secured from hackers.

This service Provide By All like Facebook ,Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple,PayPal for More click Here

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