Why the 2000 Decade gave us the best Technological Innovations

Technological Inovation

Right from the invention of the wheel, to the invention of the telephone to invention of light bulbs, the human race has proven time and again that it’s the most progressive race always aiming to go higher be it in the field of technology, science or research. Technological innovations have been a way of life for years now but somehow the 2000 decade laid the foundation of how technology can be incorporated in day to day life and has had a large part in shaping our lives today which revolves around technology every second.

These innovations in the field of technology by far declare the 2000 decades as one of the best we’ve seen in the field of technology:

Facebook :- 
                      Facebook has become synonymous to “meeting people” and keeping in touch. Back in 2004, little did Mark Zuckerberg know his innovative idea would take the world by storm and in just a decade, Facebook has become one of the leading social media platforms for people to interact with likeminded people, keep in touch with friends and family and even promoting business and reaching target customers. One’s day is hardly every complete without visiting Facebook at least once!


Apple iPhone :-
                                     Apple had always been around but it came into the limelight with the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 and has never looked back. The iPhone sealed Steve Job’s place as a pioneer of technological innovations by giving users a glimpse of what smartphones can achieve and set the trend of touch screen phones like never before. 8 years later, with the launch of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus which you can get thanks to askmebazaar coupons at great prices, it requires no explanation how far Apple has come and has now become a cult symbol of sophistication. 

Windows XP :-
                          Although Windows launched the Windows Vista in 2007, it couldn’t get the same acceptance and appeal as Windows XP got. Windows XP set the pace of the Windows Operating System so much so that with the dissatisfaction caused by Windows Vista, a downgrade was available to go back to using XP. This proves just how powerful and loved the XP was and still is. Of course most computers have upgraded to using Windows 8 and higher but there are still people who’re quite happy with Windows XP. What totally won our hearts were those beautiful wallpapers it offered!

Google :-
                 Google needs no introduction- heck when you don’t know something you just “Google” it. Although Google has been present before the commencement of the decade, it’s come a long way from being a childishly named search engine tool to providing extended services such as Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube and much more. Today it’s the number one ranking search engine with over 80% market dominance leaving meagre competitors like Yahoo search and Microsoft Bing behind with a bang. Google has become so powerful that it’s become synonymous with being the internet itself as it houses information from music to history to snapdeal coupons to everything about life. Life without Google really seems dreary and incomplete!

google 2005

Wi-Fi :-
              Wi-Fi is what has truly made technology mobile allowing us instant access to the internet and all its services no matter where we are. We no longer need dial up modems which took ages to connect a single computer to the internet provider and can now truly enjoy the internet in all its glory be it when we’re outstation, in a coffee shop or even our best friend’s home. The Wi-Fi truly is one of the boldest and best technological innovations of the decade.

These innovations prove just how far we’ve come from making trunk calls and sending telegrams to sending emails and tweets. It’s only a matter of time to see what new innovations this decade brings into our lives and it surely looks exciting!

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Access Blocked /Banned Website Easily

Access Banned website

Access Blocked Website Easily

Hi guys today i am going to share with you some tricks to access blocked/Banned website in your country and institution. there are lots of tools but i am sharing with you is free and easy to use.

1.Become Anonymous By using Proxy websites

proxy website help us to access blocked website/ banned website by govt .Its change your IP address and location so you can access without any hustle.you can search in google with  anonymous surfing and it will show proxy website .
Here are some example that i used:
1. HideMe Link
2.Spysurfing Link
Go to above links enter the address of website which you want to access and hit go and enjoy.

2.Use Google Translate

Yes i am not kidding this is another solution using google Translate to access blocked /Banned Website.Institutes or even countries sometimes don’t ban Google Translate. So, you can bypass the restriction by converting the blocked website into some other language that you may know. Try Google Translate and see for yourself. It is yet another simple way to access blocked websites.
simply go to : Google Translate
Then in one box enter address of the website that you want to access then other site choose any language to translate and hit enter and then hit enter after translate click on translated link and done enjoy using blocked website.

Thanks For Reading And If you know any Other Tricks Let Us Know in Comment Section....


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