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[SOLVED] Amazon standing instruction - Money Debited Without OTP



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 Hi Guys, 

A few days ago, I received a message from my bank saying that your account is debited, with Rs.199 at Amazon Standing Instruction.

Below is the message I received from the bank: 

Txn of Rs.199.00 made on Kotak Debit card XXXX on 12-03-2021 at AMAZON STANDING INSTRU. This transaction is processed, without One Time Password, as per your instructions and confirmation to the merchant.

So, I was shocked, I didn't know how my card get charged without OTP and PIN. So, I contacted my bank support to have a look at the transaction details. The bank informed me that your Debit/Credit card is Saved on Amazon Standing Instruction.

What is Amazon Standing Instruction?

Amazon Standing Instruction means, the buyer has authorized amazon to charge their credit/debit card for a particular amount regularly for Some of Amazon Products & Services.

Amazon Products can be Amazon Pay, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Shopping, Amazon Prime, Audible, and many more.

In my case it was audible, I didn't know how and when I subscribe for Amazon Audible but when I contact Amazon Support and ask them to check transaction happened on my card, then we came to know that my card was charged by Audible Active Membership, So here I have informed them that I didn't aware of this transaction and as per my knowledge I already cancel my subscription long time back, but somehow it got active and charge me Rs.199/-

The Amazon Support Person was very co-operative, he understands my situation and guided me on the cancellation of the above Audible Membership, and also raised a refund request for the amount deducted.

So, If you received any message from your bank regarding deduction at Amazon standing instruction, directly contact amazon support.

How to contact Amazon Support?

You can connect with amazon support by visiting the below link :



Simply go to customer service > contact us (From Amazon App)

Amazon Standing Instruction - Contact Amazon Support

Amazon Standing Instruction - Contact Amazon Support

Amazon Standing Instruction - Contact Amazon Support

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  1. Hi same for me how can you just enter to my account and make a transaction.

    1. Actually, whenever we opt for trial and then we forget about it then they can directly charge our account or card. read full article and do the needful. If you like then do share with others.

  2. Pls help me with same issue of Amazon standing intru

    1. Reach us via our contact form, so we can guide you.

  3. Thanks it's really helpful


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