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How to Protect Your Teen without Making Them Feel Worthless


Today, in the age of technology, it is a whole lot easier to make someone feel like a waste of space and what not, rather than make them feel good about themselves and their role in society, it is easy to forget who you are and what you stand for. At times such as these, the dynamics between relationships are the ones that are most affected, especially the one between parents and children.

Earlier parents used to have a say in everything their children did, not because they wanted to, but because they had to. Children, compared to one's today, were not as well rounded or even mature. They relied on their parents completely. Furthermore, they grow with the mindset that it is what a parent should be like and then try to be that kind of parents to their kids as well. But, unfortunately, courtesy of the times and the changing world, their kids have evolved in beings that are perfectly capable of looking after themselves and taking care of themselves as soon as they turn 15.

Today the kids as young as 13 years of age are self-reliant and self-sufficient and do not require any sort of external input at all. Not only can they choose everything for themselves, from what to eat and wear to even the right career path for themselves that when parents give them too much of their input, instead of proving to be helpful and constructive this sort of advice tends to have the opposite of the desired effect.

At times like these children are more often than not feeling down and lose all their self-confidence. They feel as if they should not be doing what they are or living their life the way they are.

What Can Parents Do To Prevent That?

Parents play a huge role in their children’s life. Therefore, if they are the ones that are responsible for breaking their child’s self-esteem, they are also the ones that can build it all back up. Here is how;

Do Not Hover

The worst thing parents can do to their children is hovers by their shoulder. Not only is it incredibly annoying but it also tends to make children feel like they are being judged, even if they are not. Hovering dampens creative growth and never has positive effects on your child.

Do Not Criticize Too Much

Do you like being nagged by your bosses or your superiors constantly?  Neither do your kids. Criticism is only constructive if it is not given constantly and consistently, otherwise, any advice was freely given at such a rate truly falls on deaf ears. Therefore, if you truly want your advice to matter, keep it short and do not try to tell them what to do how to do it, rather, allow them to figure things out all by themselves. Just give advice when it is needed and truly appreciated.

Appreciate Them And Celebrate Their Achievements

To a child, everything matters, whether it is getting on the honor roll at school or even kicking their habit of nail biting to the curb, every little thing matters to them. Furthermore, if their parents fail to celebrate or even commemorate such things, they feel like whatever they did to earn their parents approval was not good enough and that they suck, as though by teenagers.

Protect Them

You remember as a child how you used to say, “I’m gonna tell my daddy about you”. Teens feel the same way when it comes to their bullies or the people that want to harm them in any way – they want to tell their parents about it because they still believe, regardless of the age that we live in, that parents can still fire everything. Furthermore, as a parent it is still your duty to protect their children and be there for them, to protect them real world danger as well as the virtual danger of all sorts. Even if they have to protect their teens from themselves they are obligated as parents to do that.

The Bottom line

Taking care of a child’s various needs was easier in simpler times, but today it is not so because most teens on teen crimes take place on the internet rather than is the real world.  While parents can take care of such things in the real world, in the virtual world it is a tad bit harder, which makes the use of parental monitoring applications a necessary requirement rather than an option that parents need to invest in to take care of their children in a way that they deserve.

Addison is digital parenting expert and social media experimentalist. He loves to write on cyber bullying prevention tips and cell phone spy software for teens. To know more about him follow him on Twitter @Addisonalbert55


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