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Mobile App Analytics, What it is, how it can contribute to App Success?

If app development is one part of the app success, app analytics contribute to another side of it. App analytics is an integral part of app marketing. Let’s see what app analytics is and how it contributes to app success.

What is app analytics?

App analytics is a method of analyzing user behaviour with the app. In this method, data is collected to study user behaviour to decide the best strategy for user retention, engagement as well as conversion.The main objective of app analytics is to increase app usage, repeated usage, and in-app purchases.This method is used by all sorts of mobile app development companies New York today to get the deep insights of the user behaviour and app performance. It helps them in increasing app’s lifetime value, usage rate and retention.

Benefits of app analytics

Mobile landscape is becoming juggernaut day by day. There is an overwhelming competition between app-driven companies who are trying to establish their venture. App analytics help businesses understand user behaviour and we can also call it as actions, with respect to app features and functionalities. This lets app marketers analyse how often users visit the app and which section is getting maximum visits and how much time users spend there. It will help in building an efficient mobile marketing strategy and ultimately it will result in increased ROI.

App analytics will bring the following set of benefits:
  • It will help you emphasis on only right users and features
  • It will help you update your marketing and branding strategy

Where Mobile Analytics Help Your App:

Customer retention
With the efficient mobile app analytics strategy, you can engage the targeted users & retain them as well.You’ll also be able to check when they used the app, how much time they spent, and how they navigated from page to page.

In-app referrals tracking
In-app referrals is important for any app to increase downloads. App analytics helps in tracking the referral codes of the app each user receives.

App performance monitoring
App analytics help developers monitor app performance issues like slow load times, layout glitches, and abrupt crashes.

Targeted customers analysis
You can use app analytics to check your users are from which geography, what age or what gender. So you can sharpen your marketing strategy to yield better outputs.

Top Mobile App Analytics Tools
Platforms: iOS, Android


  • Easy to understand
  • Integration with Google Play for conversion tracking
  • Comprehensive report of acquisitions, users, engagement, and outcomes
Flurry Analytics
Platforms: iOS, Android, Java ME, Windows Phone, Blackberry


  • Detailed report
  • Create up to 10 custom dashboards
  • User paths and funnels

Platforms: iOS, Android


  • Analytics across multiple apps
  • Real time tracking
  • Segment users based on events, funnels, cohorts

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry


  • Open source
  • Track events and user segmentation
  • Track sets of events

Mobile Analytics has been essential nowadays, as there is a juggernaut competition between app marketers. Most of the app analytics tools work like Google Analytics, so if you’ve a prior experience in using Google Analytics, it is easier to understand and use app analytics tool.

About the guest author:
Hari Krishna is a well-versed content writer working in FuGenX Technologies, an emerging mobile app development company New Jersey. He likes to write on technology, start-ups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.


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